Searching for the Finest Infant Car Seat Covers

There are various uniquely designed kids’ seats for your cars, and if you’re looking for the finest infant car seat covers for your child’s protection you’ll absolutely find a good deal by knowing what to look for before spending your money on these accessories. The first thing you ought to know is what exactly these baby car seat covers can exactly do for you. They are more likely functional as compared to the ordinary covers that you put on the usual seats of your car where adults and older kids sit on.

The first thing to look into is that you can absolutely rely on utilizing it to make sure that your child is safe and secure while inside the car. The finest infant car seat covers should have secure straps so the child stays in place while your car is moving. Some of the best options feature a five-point strap that is an added security for your baby on the seat and have the child protected from any possible harm’s way. Other options may offer other types of positions in strapping your child to the seat and this could affect your child’s traveling experience.

Another thing to look upon is how much comfort your babies can get from these car seat covers for boys and girls. So it’s not just being able to get access to cover which fits the style of your car but it’s more of adding more protection to your children as they ride and travel with you. What you need to look for are those covers which are made from fabric that is comfortably soft but at the same time is made from quality material that is resistant to water and is capable of thermal insulation.

cover for infant car seat
Now aside from comfort and the safety features of these covers, you also have to consider looking into the possibility that these seat covers do differ from one another and some of them may not fit just any other car seat. If you were to get these covers for your child’s seat it’s essential that you look for the best brands which tailor fit most car seats. In doing this you can assure yourself that what you’re getting is worth the value of your money.

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Investing Your Money on Infant Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers for style

There is nothing more fun than being able to choose from a variety of infant car seat covers so you can truly show off your style via your cars’ interior. Having the chance to choose from a variety of designs and colors can be so much fun for you and a new experience for your little babies to enjoy while they are inside the car. Now, before you even start investing your money on these wonderful baby car seat covers, there are a few pointers that you may want to look into.

Infant car seat covers for your small princess

When choosing for the best boy or girl infant car seat covers for your kids (see examples on, the first thing you will have to look upon is how safe it is to use with the seat itself. One challenging task that you may have at hand is searching for the most appropriate cover that will match the size of the seat. The best way to ensure that the infant seat covers are a perfect fit to the frame of the seats is to purchase them from the same manufacturer. However, if you’re looking for a more unique option or you’re trying to match the cover design with your vehicles’ interior, you’ll have to look for other options then.

lucksherry newborn car seat cover

Searching online for other designs is one of the easiest ways for you to find all of those seat designs available for you to take advantage of such as

  • summer infant car seat covers,
  • printed covers
  • or even themed ones can as well be available as an option.

Now, if you really find it challenging for you to find what you really want from the various designs you see online, you can also get access to stores online or offline which caters to providing custom made baby seat covers for their customers.

Protect the seat

Always keep in mind that when you are investing on these baby gears and accessories for your children, your major focus here is that the accessory should be safe enough for your the child to use. Although the seat cover will be used to protect the seat itself so you can use it for a longer period of time, you should also consider if the fabric being used to make these seats is safe enough for your child. It’s also a must that you check on the quality of the fabric that is being used to make these seat covers.

Knowing the Importance of Infant Car Seat Covers

Knowing the Importance of Infant Car Seat Covers

Once a newborn baby is introduced to a family, couples find their lives changing and at the same time preparing themselves for a new responsibility that will bring meaning to their lives. Aside from the car seats that you’re require to install in your car, it is also essential to make use of the appropriate infant car seat covers for these seats. Having several covers handy will absolutely be a great advantage of keeping our car clean and your child comfortable on his or her seat.

As you travel with your kids to whatever destination you’re going to go to, either if you are scheduled for a doctor’s check-up or you want to stroll with your kids in the park, you will have to have them seated securely and properly in the car. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with toddlers or older kids, they can really be messy on their seat while they wait for you to drive them to the destination. There are things that you cannot actually control when you are travelling with your kids especially if you’re doing this for the first time so it’s better that you are always ready for such circumstances.

Reason to look for car seat covers

seat cover

More often the problem of parents would involve having to clean up any particular mess made on the baby car seat covers such as food that spilled on the covers or baby vomit. Such type of mess can actually produce stains that are difficult to clean up. For this reason, it is essential for you to look for covers that would not only make your cars look tidy but is also stain or weather proof. Aside from the mess your kids would also like to feel comfortable on their seats so it is recommended that you make use of custom fit covers.

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

JJ Cole car seat cover

You can definitely find a variety of covers for your baby seats available out there but it will be wise or you to do some research to make sure that you gain access to custom car seat covers that are worth your money spent. One of the bet options to consider is getting a custom fit JJ Cole car seat cover that is made of weather proof materials. Their seat covers are designed like a blanket which makes your child comfortable while on the road. You can definitely interchange seat covers from time to time as it has this elastic outer band which fits standard sized seats, strollers and carriers. They are machine washable which makes it easier for you to clean in case it gets all messy.

TCF Style Expo 2016

I hit the road to Atlanta on Saturday to attend the The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo hosted by Marie Denee. Marie’s blog and popular Instagram hashtag #TCFStyle was brought to life in the form of a complete fashion experience for plus size gals. I attended the brunch where I was able to finally see the beautiful faces behind the blogs I’ve read over the years and enjoy good ole southern cooking. The day was full of shopping, music, panel discussions, food and drink, and tons of picture taking. I never attended an event strictly for plus size women and I was so blown away at how so many people came from all over the country to show their support and to join in on the festivities. I was excited to finally meet three of the girls from my organization, Big Girls Link Up, and many of my social media followers and blog readers! For those who missed this year don’t worry, there’s always next year.

ADIDAS = All Day I Dream About Shopping

Athletic wear is making a huge statement on the fashion scene lately – from tailored sweatpants paired with heels to cropped football jerseys. instagram, blogs, and celebrity style are a big impact on my personal style. I’ve been in love with the ADIDAS trend. I was inspired to put my own spin on this trendy, athletic look. There’s an Adidas outlet in my local mall where I found these black trefoil leggings for only $9.98 and a contrasting white men’s t-shirt for $19.98. It’s so inexpensive and easy to incorporate pieces into your wardrobe. This was an effortlessly chic look that was both comfortable and very different. I paired it with my fringe booties to add a different texture. I loved this look!






Roses Are Red

Roses are red, violets are blue. Slay the day for your boo! With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to perfect your looks to wow your significant other. Red is such a power color and I felt like a sexy vixen in the “Alena” jumpsuit from Monif C. I was skeptical of this piece because jumpsuits and my body don’t mesh well. However, this harem jumpsuit is super comfortable and fits great. The off the shoulder neckline is great to show a little skin. I added a simple velvet choker to not look so bare up top. Glamour is definitely my thing, so a cream faux fur shawl completed the look. I’ll be sharing more Valentine’s Day outfit ideas with you soon!

Jumpsuit: Monif C | Faux Fur Shawl: Chic & Curvy Boutique | Purse: TJ Maxx | Shoes: BCBG | Choker: Forever 21
This post is sponsored by Monif C. All opinons are my own.

I Had Weight Loss Surgery!

I’ve been gone for a little while! I recently had weight loss surgery on Monday, March 28. I’ve been vlogging my weight loss journey on my Youtube channel. I welcome all my fatshionistas to follow my journey. Being a plus size blogger, there is always some type of taboo with wanting to lose weight and how it will impact your brand. My fatshionistas have been following my growth since day one and I’m confident everyone will support my journey. I’ve been documenting my weight loss journey on my Youtube channel, so please subscribe. For those who are interested, had the surgery, or just want to lose weight please watch my videos for a little inspiration. You can also follow, my weight loss Instagram page @diaryofafatshionista to keep up with my journey.


Thanks for all of your love and support!

Splash of Color

Rediscovering myself after weight loss surgery has been such a beautiful journey. I’m still the same girl, yet in a better frame! Month to date, I’ve lost 57 pounds! This summer I want to live my life in color meaning live it to the fullest. To fit my summer mantra, I wore a sleeveless neon green skater dress with multicolor lace up sandals. I love simple pieces that can be transformed flawlessly. Skater dresses are so fun and flirty! Now go create your own summer mantra and live it up!



FIVE MINUTES FIXES with Lucky Magazine’s Jean Godfrey

Summer travel? Fabulous. The havoc that airline travel, sun and sea can have on your skin and hair? Not so fabulous. With the departure date for my family’s upcoming trip looming, I began hunting and gathering the usual suspects: the right clothes, the right shoes, the right accessories, bathing suits and cover-ups. Then, I started to ruminate upon beauty. Within moments, my “toiletries” basket runneth over. Did I really need my cranberry toner, ferulic acid and B5 masque for a 2.5 week stint to France? But, without my grooming arsenal, I feared that I would dry up like a grape in the Provencal sun.

I popped up to see beauty dynamo Jean Godfrey-June for her take on best bets for long-haul trips. As Beauty Director of Lucky Magazine and author of the must-read tome FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE: My Improbable Career in Magazines and Makeup, Jean is well versed in the language of hydration. And, can reel off a litany of high performance products faster than Jon Stewarts opening zingers on The Daily Show. Her sage advice?

“The air on the plane is so dry. Bring some products to use on the flight that lock in moisture like Korres lip butter and Intelligent Nutrients anti-aging serum (both contain no parabens, sulfates or pert chemicals).  The oil literally ‘feeds’ the skin and wards off facial dehydration. For the trip, bring broad spectrum, chemical free sunscreens that both parents and kids can use (Say Yes to Carrots and Surf-Vival are her faves). Also, avoid over packing with multi-tasking products like Davines 3 -in-1 Replenishing Butter that moisturizes hair, face and body.” 

Jean also recommends Lancome Flash Bronzer to (safely) score that just-been-to-the-beach glow.


  1. Korres Lip Butter in mango, $12
  2. Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Serum, $60
  3. To boost energy, Jean gives herself a foot massage each night. According to Chinese medicine, the back is linked to meridians on the feet.
  4. Yes-to-Carrots Hydrating Body Lotion with SPF 30, $14.99
  5. Surf-Vival Sunscreen SPF 30, $14.99
  6. Davines Authentic Replenishing Butter, $25
  7. Lancome Flash Bronzer Body Gel, $34
  • Fab watch to track of time, Toywatch $195
  • Dramatic sunglasses to channel Audrey Hepburn, Cheap Monday Telekinesis Glasses $30
  • Fold-up-able flats (in my bag) for foot emergencies, Sue London Ballet Flats $179
  • Bribery material for the kids, Tasty Brand Organic Fruit Snacks $2.50
  • To block out excessive noise on the plane, Mack’s Earplugs $4.79
  • A loose cashmere wrap for the plane and cool evenings, DKNY Cozy Wrap $125
  • To ward off cooties, Wet Ones Wipes $1.50
  • To cover the seat of the plane and ward off more cooties, Bug Off chair cover $29.99
  • Neosporin keeps nasal passages moist and reduces the chance of germs entering the system, $6.99

Stoic doesn’t live here.

He wouldn’t say it outright. Not with Sprite sitting right there and “examining” her own rest friend, a puppy named Rosebud.

I couldn’t understand it at first. We both talked around the elephant, trying to keep it as light as possible for the “I’m almost six years old”‘s ears, but the more I asked, the more his answers became clear.

That little fatty tumor that had been sitting so quietly on her side for so many years, dismissed as “something beagles get, don’t worry about it”, had become active and spread into her lymph nodes. Sometime over the last two days, it began to feed histamines into other areas until they became noticable in the one bulge I spotted on her belly this morning after picking Blue and Harry up from the boarders.

I had called the vet and got her an appointment for early afternoon and then called the pet hotel to ask if anything had happened this weekend. Surely, another dog must have caused this. Or Blue had fallen. Anything of the outside variety. A bad bug bite? Hernia?

No, nothing, they said. Blue was great. The only time she made any noise was when they took Harry out without her.

I thought back to the first moments when I had brought Blue in to be checked, babbling at random about that stupid fatty tumor, her epilepsy, her heart murmur. Other than being incontinent over the last few months, the only issue I had noticed was that her lower belly had become loose on Friday evening. Maybe her bladder was dropping, maybe that was why she was having accidents ten minutes after going outside. Old age, right? I should expect this with a twelve year old dog.

The vet said one had nothing to do with the other. What I had seen on Friday was the precursor to today’s issue.

By the time he inspected her, the one mass was now two. She yelped in pain when he lifted her to the table for a better look.

They brought her back to run a test and I could hear her howl from the exam room where we sat. Sprite grasped my hand. “That was Blue!”

“Yes, they’re running a test to see what’s wrong. Sometimes, it has to hurt to get better.”

He came back minutes later with an answer. It was quick. So quick. That had to be good news.

The tumor was very aggressive. Her body was filling with histamines. They could give her something to stop the pain, but she would go into shock before long. She was having a reaction like an allergy patient would have to a bee sting or peanut butter. She would continue to swell up until her body couldn’t take it anymore.

This was not going to stop with or without our intervention.

I asked about time. He shook his head and advised they could medicate her to lift the pain, but she only had about 24 hours at the most if we took her home. Sprite having to see her decline, Harry having to see her decline, I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing her decline. Stoic doesn’t live in my heart. I would crumble immediately.

John came to the office to hear it himself and we both tried to explain it to Sprite as Blue sat quietly by us.

We would be honest with her about it. We had to. We talked about Blue going to sleep and not waking up. We talked about there being no more pain. We talked about Blue being so sick, this was the best way to help her stop hurting.

I cried. I couldn’t hold it together. She watched me cry, her only response being, “but I want two dogs.”

She didn’t understand.

She gamely waved goodbye to Blue and gave her a last pat on the head, this dog who had loved her and had been loved so heavily by her since the day she could first grab onto Blue’s soft fur.

I rubbed her under her jowls, felt her impossibly long ears. I couldn’t be there for the last minutes. I couldn’t do it as a sixteen year old when we had to say goodbye to our old dog Daisy. I couldn’t do it now, even though I felt like I was deserting her.

We walked out, two hours to the dot had passed since we walked in with our silently sick dog.

Sprite and I entered the house, releasing Harry from his crate. I lost my composure once more as he raced through the house, looking for Blue, maybe she had wormed her way under the bed without him. We let him out, watching him bark his way around the yard, calling out for her.

He wouldn’t touch his dinner, waiting for Blue to come try to stake her claim first, waiting to growl at her, because that’s what they did twice a day. It was their routine. Only when the hunger got to be too much did he relinquish his post and eat.

It had happened too quickly. The words kept coming back to me, the written words “poor prognosis” and “euthanasia” the vet had scribbled on a sheet of paper to keep those epiphets away from young innocent ears. Had we made the right decision?

Our resolve not to play God, something we had discussed a while ago, were we playing God now by signing that paper to end her life?

My mom’s best friend explained it to me in a phone call later that evening, “you’re not ending her life, you’re ending her pain. You did her a favor.”

We let Sprite into our bed as we settled down for the night. She cuddled close to me. “Blue is at the vet’s.”

Her earlier comment to John, “Blue will be at the vet’s forever” rang in my ears.

“Honey, Blue won’t stay at the vet’s.” The tears came again.

I am so bad at this.

“Where will she go?”

Just get it over with, Jen. “Sprite, Blue passed away today.”


“Because she was sick. She had an owie that hurt too much.”

“They didn’t fix her owie?”

“They couldn’t.”

“So will she come back?”

I hugged her tighter. “No. When I say she passed away, what it means is she died.”

“Blue’s dead?”


We both grew silent for a while before I heard her voice again.

“Does Harry know she passed away?”

“I’m not sure. I do know he misses her though.”

“So do I.”

“Me too.”

“She’s a good dog.”

“Yes, she is.”